For the past few years, I’ve created my first E-course which is on Breath.


The course entails :

. 1 46 page booklet with herbal remedies, anatomy and yoga logs.

. 6 hours of videos featuring breaths to cool, heat , invigorate, soothe and connect the mind to the body.


If you wish to learn 1 on 1 with me, Please keep scrolling





My name is Laura  Walker and this testimonial is for Natalia Wilhelm.

Natalia is an inspiring being who brings intense presence, deep stillness and activation through her “Breathe” workshops.
The techniques that she shared have helped me quell anxiety and body pain and  have brought me long lasting relaxation and bliss.

I am forever grateful.

My name is Megan Frances and this testimonial is for Natalia Wilhelm

Since I began following her yoga journey in 2012, I have been constantly humbled by her depth and dedication to her practice.
Through her association as a yoga teacher, Natalia has been a transparent guide, demonstrating an in depth knowledge of many facets of the yoga system including meditation, Pranayama and Ayurveda as well a deeply intuitive wisdom.
Natalia provides one on one instruction in a sincere, playful and non judgmental atmosphere.
Thank you for helping clear the path towards a deeper understanding of yoga and myself. 

My name is Taylor Serpa and this testimonial is for Natalia Wilhelm.

My experiences with her teaching has been nothing less than exceptional. Her intuitive healing ability is uncanny and her energy is soothing like the gentle patter of rain while cozied up inside. Every class received from her has left me feeling grateful and improved.
​I hope that many others will be able to benefit from her healing presence and adept teaching abilities.



​Lung Repair Program

The journeys assist in lung-healing, grief-clearing and heart openings.

They combine advance pranayam with “conscious connected breath-work” as well as EFT and sound healing.



The power is in our hands, literally.
The meridians meet at our fingertips.

Mudras are hand-gestures which provoke psychological and physical changes within the body.

This workshop helps deepen one’s yoga practice through diving into subtle energies and how to enhance our connection to the sentient realm.


Transcending Clarity 

​Healing the root of addictions.
Why seek an altered state , we are the alter.
Why seek medicine? The medicine is the moment.
The plants simply carry the vibration.

This is a workshop on sobriety and plant medicines and how to achieve natural highs and cultivate greater reverence for existence. ​

Trauma To Dharma

​A Trauma Release Program.
In some form or another, we all have trauma.
The muscle stores in the memory and is linked to the psycho-somatic response in the brain.

This workshops assists the participant in having the tools and  confidence in transforming their trauma into their “dharma” or purpose.

By honoring our density and shadows and learning to properly address the trauma, we can comprehend what gifts it is providing us with.

We can use the “mud” of our pain-body stories as a means to grow the “lotus” of our awakening.