Now, I really prefer to call myself a “guide” or a muse as my aim isn’t to give advice, it is to inspire.

My personal health journey began after a series of overdoses and near death experiences. I went from 135 lbs to 65 within months, it was scary. I lost a part of my brain fluid and didn’t know if I could ever recover.

I was then launched on a path to health. I was introduced to a whole different lifestyle. I healed my spine, my brain chemistry and my gut.
​I spent 6 years eliminating parasites and alkalizing my body.

I studied Ayurvedic Nutrition with Todd Caldecott “Food as Medicine” 
and then learned about super-food wisdom through the multiple holistic nutritionists that I met including Ian Thomas from Health Ascended.

I compared all “Diets” though I prefer the term “Live-it’s : (Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Ancestral, Local, Seasonal,  Dr. Sebi, Paleo, Keto)” and began to understand food as alchemy.

I studied herbal medicine and began to grow my own food and craft potions (elixirs and skin potions).

It’s been a journey of healing on every level : mental, emotional and physical.
I’m so happy to be living in a thriving body-temple today!

I’m so excited and grateful to share the wisdom which I have acquired with you! 



Let me guide you in learning

Helpful Mind hacks.

Skills, techniques and strategies to  :

Organise your thoughts


Optimize your potential.


Need help with a cleanse?

I specialize in parasite cleansing and in “blissful eating” which assists the body in creating more serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

I can teach  you of how oils and herbs impact the body as well as understanding food as medicine.

This includes proper food combination, understanding your “ancestral diet” and optimizing your health through seasonal and organic meal plans.

I can share ways in which you can greater implement a “eco” lifestyle into your daily regime.

I can guide you to discovering the proper stretches and breathing techniques to re-align spine, body and mind.



Let me share with you the art of well being.

After studying wild-crafting, trauma release, and yoga, I’ve come to know a recipe for well-being.

I can teach my ways of how to connect with nature and thrive in your love life with reality.