Happy Existence. 

Who am I?  ………. So hum.    I am that I am.               I am given a form.           I create identity ………

I am Human ……  I’ve come to Love.



“Observe/ Breathe” …

This is the simplest and most profound advice that I was ever given.

It changed my life.




Fresh from the womb, I began to travel with my family.

A world traveller, I became attached to stability.

After hardship and wonder, I settled for a short period of time only to overcome overdoses and near death experiences.

I realized that I was going to face my fears and embrace the impermanence.


Life is a Mystery

Bask in it

Out into the unknown, I went with nothing but a backpack and a heart filled with dreams


Out into the wild I went with no cellphone, no laptop… just me, and a notebook for numbers.

Survival became the training grounds of my mind.

To understand ego, is to understand survival. When we are under survival stress, our ego reacts.

To face attachment is to let go of what conditions our mind, our environment.


If you are comfortable in the uncomfortable

You are truly comfortable

“If you are comfortable in the uncomfortable, you have found true comfort.”

Survival became the grounds of self-study.

My  Journey led me from teacher to teacher, ashram to temple.



My training taught me that I know “no-thing”.

I learn from experience.

Every moment is new.

Every action has a ripple.

I took my practice of yoga and applied it to the industries of ego and soul :

Modelling and of course, Hiphop.



Hiphop Saved my Life

It was the driving force behind my wanders.

After my brush with death, I taught myself how to rap and beatbox. Shortly after, I was discovered in an underground hiphop club and began to make connections with certain grandfathers in underground hiphop throughout the West Coast.

I played shows, I rapped for any stranger who cared to hear and I began my journey as “Quean of the Green” in 2009.

More on this can be found in my documentaries at:



I thank Earth

We live on her.

My travel quest led me to the homes and palaces of many permaculture experts who taught me how to grow food through sustainable methods.

My new joy was to weave the worlds of permaculture and hiphop together by creating music that would raise funds for our ocean and forests.


After 9 years on and off of living from a backpack,

I walked by a piece of land and knew that one day I would end up there with my blood family.

Years later, it happened.

I began to grow my very own food forest.

My family moved in and built a tiny home.

Now, I live in a tiny home on the forests of food which I’ve grown.

I spend my time navigating my skillset and creating projects.

It’s a simple life and I feel blessed to be able to share my stories and offerings with the world.